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Short Films

Red Ink [Drama]

Baby Boy [Drama]

Behive [Drama]

The Aquarium [Drama]

Three Hearts [Drama]

Casualty [Drama]

Midnight Poetry [Drama]

Be Famous [Drama]

Cavity [Comedy] [Tropfest Finalist]

Reg Makes Contact [Drama]

Finding Santa [Dark Comedy]

Whispers Among Wolves [Drama]

Frontier [Drama]

Raker [Drama]

Easy Money [Drama]

Joga Bonito [Comedy]

Kevin Needs to Make New Friends [Drama]

Twisted [Drama]

Brawl [Drama]

Writers Block [Drama]

Never Innocent [Action/Drama]

Untouchables [Comedy/Drama]

The Humble Beginnings of the Ballon [Comedy]

The Pledge for Mr Bunny [Drama/Comedy] TF finalist

Inside [Drama] TF finalist

Test Drive [Thriller/Drama]

8:47 [Thriller]

Kiss Me Deadly [Romance]

Booth [Drama]

Death Race

Whostage [Comedy/Drama] 

My Constellation [Drama] [Tropfest Finalist] 

Find My Octopus [Comedy]

Chop Suey [Action/Comedy]

Pulling Faces [Horror]

Anima [Sci-fi/Drama]

Immigrants and Cigarettes [Drama] 

Panning Blue [Drama]

Will be done [Thriller]

The Game [Comedy] [Tropfest Shortlisted]

Figment [Thriller] [Still in Video Editing]     

Emergency Exit [Drama] 

Torrenters [Drama] 

In Our Time [War/ Drama] 

The Writers [Drama] 

Spirited [Drama Fantasy] [Boom Operator]

Call [Sound Recordist and Post Sound]



Uncle Toby's Operation 10000 [Branded Content] 2012

Uncle Toby's Operation 10000 [Branded Content] 2013

Australian Film Documentary [Yet to be named]

Making Love [Trailer]

Adidas Coerver with Tim Cahill 

Allens One Day of Smiles [Branded Content]

Westfield Brandspace Webisode [2 Episodes]

Asics Shoes [Branded Content] 

Year of the Selfie [Branded Content]

TVC, Promo or Web Ad

Kmart Tire and Auto [TVC] 2018

NBN [TVC] 2018

Jim Beam '"I'm Eugene" TVC [Boom Operator]

Prospa [TVC] 2018

Medibank [Online Ad] 2018

Adidas X Parley [TVC] 2018

McDonald's Chicken Big Mac [TVC] 2017

HammondCare Dementia Care  2017

Mumstore [TVC] 2016

Oral B [TVC] 2016

Eharmony [TVC] 2016

Maccona [TVC] 2015

Schwarzkopf [TVC] 2015

MADD [Online Ad]

Freedom Foods [TVC]

Australian Pork [TVC]


Luxaflex 2014 [TVC]

Fantastic Furniture [TVC]


Rapid [TVC]

Rashays [TVC]

David Lawrence [Promo]

Charter Hall [Promo]

Big W [TVC] [Boom Operator]

Hotels Combined [TVC] [Boom Operator]

SunRain and QMotion [TVC]

O’Brien [TVC]

Power Golf 2011 [TVC]

Power Golf 2012 [TVC]

Jason Derulo [Radio Ad/ TVC]


Stampii [Promo Shoot] 

Poise and Depend [Promo Video]

Grass Valley [Promo Video] 

Klink [Promo and Training Video]

Elixr Health Club [Promo]

Loveable with Jennifer Hawkins [Web Ad]

Uncle Toby’s Oats Baking [Web Ad]

Bendon How to Fit a Bra [Promo]

Nandos Masterchef Vignettes [Web Ad] 

Feature Length Films

Love You Like That [Boom Op]

Skinford Chapter 2 [Main Unit Sound]

Skinford [Main Unit Sound]

One Less God [Drama]

Super Awesome [Comedy]

Final Move [Thriller] 

Flotsam Jetsam [Drama]

Circle of Lies [Boom Operator]

Ad Nauseam [Boom Operator]

Next Door to the Velinsky’s [Boom Operator]

Pitbulls [Action] [Feature Pickups]

Newtons Third Law [Feature Pickups]

My Cornerstone [Feature Pickups]


Westpac 360 Videos

Lend Lease Online Content

2015 Cochlear Video Series

2015 Prank Video for Bridgeclimb [TV Spot]

Skinford [Webseries Pilot]

Sam and Toby's Rooftop Festival [Feature Doco Event]

Dave Hughes Pointless [Stand Up Show]

Mamamia Interview [Web Interview] 

Ministry of Sound [Web Interview]

Kidsxpress [Kids Charity]

Children Learning Aid Workshop Promo

Multicultural HACC DVD [Interview Series]

Justice Lease [Web Series]

Search for the next Playmate of the Year [Coverage]

GE Healthcare [Coverage]

Reckon CEO [Interview]

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup Coverage

Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards [Coverage]

HSNSW Awards [internal video]

Interview with Telstra's CEO

Michelle Bridges Workout Videos

Chatter Box TV [TV Show]

Phil’s Gym [Comedy] [TV Pilot]

Learn to be a Planner Like Me [Mocumentary]

Purina How To [Infomercial]

Rebel Sport [Infomercial]

The Aussie Golf Show [Web Show Pilot]

Dragon Age 2 [Action Video Game] [Short Web Series]

Conveniently Desperate [Comedy Drama] [Short Web Series]

[EP 2 and 5 ]

Production Company [Comedy] [Short Web Series 5 Episode]

Roll to Save [Comedy] [Short Web Series]

Icon Avenue Trailer [Comedy] [Pilot Web Series]

Telstra Greyhound Case Study

And many other corporate videos!

TV Shows or Online Shows

Fam Time Season 1 [Boom Op]

The Other Guy Season 2 [Boom Op]

Doctor Doctor Season 3 [Additional and Second Unit Sound Recordist]  

Doctor Doctor Season 2 [Second Unit]

Oh Yuk! Season 1 [Main Unit Sound]

Hyde and Seek [2nd Boom Op]

Here Come the Habibs Season 1 [Second Unit]

House of Hancock [2nd Boom Op]

Your Best Interest 2015 

Soulmates Season 1 [Second Unit Sound]

The Road to the Show 2014

Air Rescue 2013

The Great Australians of 2013 Directors Shoot

Crazy Bastards Ep1-3

The Bottom Line Season 2

No More Practice: The Investment Series Season 1 + 2 + 3

The Road to the Show

The Naked CEO

Live and Lost with Reece Mastin

Bondi Rescue [Court Case] [TV Show]

Here is my IMDB page which has some of these titles

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