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Equipment List

Here is my beloved equipment!

The newest addition to the Not Chilli family is the Sound Devices 633 controlled by the CL-12 Fader Panel! A powerful recorder providing 6 inputs and a giant collection of features all in 1 kit. This combined with the 744t [seen below] allows for 10 inputs for your production needs!

The Sound Devices 774T is the workhorse of my kit! Its a fantastic 4 track Recorder that gives you timecode, duel recording, limiters, high pass filters and a bunch of other bells and whistles! 

Next up is my grandfather of my kit! My Sound Devices 442 Mixer! But don't let its age get to you becasue under the hood is a newly serviced analogue system that is still used by the best today. It is the power of my kit! 4 XLR line and mic inputs with their own limiters. It can give an audio signal to any device whatever the camera whatever the computer this thing has a way.

The Rest of my gear!

- Rastorder Foldup Trolley 

- Rastorder MP Trolley

- Ambient Boompole QP 4140 [Drama Pole]

- Ambient Boompole QX580 [ENG Pole]

- Ambient Boompole QX550 [Mini Pole]

- Sanken CUB-01

- Sound Devices Mix-Pre 2 Input Mixer

- Tascam DR-40 2 Track Recorder

- Rode NTG3

- Rode NTG2

- Rode NT1-A

- Rycote Pistol Grip

- Rycote Blimp

- Rode Blimp

- Rode Pistol Grip

- Pro Tools 12

Now here is one of my two main microphones which are right up in the action. The stylish great sounding Schoeps CMIT 5U is known as one of the best brands in microphones and has a smooth polar pattern and clear warm quality. And Its Blue!

The second microphone I use has seen me though all types of shoots and is an amazing allrounder. It has been yelled at, whispered to and had all kinds of sound waves. It is the Sanken CS-3e! A beautifully clear sounding shotgun microphone with amazing off-axis rejection! 

Now for the people who don't like being connected with cables I have 6 sets of Wireless 7x Transmitters and 6x Receivers which are 2x Audio Ltd 2040 [Block 24], 2x Letrosonics SMQV [Block 22], 2x Lectrosonics LR LT [Block 24,25,26] and a Lectrosonics HM [Block 26] 

And of the Sound end of the Transmitters I have Sanken Cos-11 Microphones which are abosolute workhorses which attach to many mounts and clips.


If you are interested in listening to the audio while i am recording it then here we have 6x Lectrosonics IFBs 

And if timecode is your thing but you are worried about the camera getting TC sync then I got you covered! With my lockit boxs [1x tiny and 2x Nano] and Timecode slate by Ambient.

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